Natural Selection Daylilies

Ray & Joe
2780 Little York Rd.
Dayton,  Ohio 45414
Ph:  (937) 564-0625

our main interest is in creating new and unusual patterened daylilies. I strive to have colors
 and patterens different than anything currently available on todays' market. One way I am
 managing to achieve this goal is thru the use of either older daylilies or ones' that have not been
widely used by other hybridizers. I hope you will agree after searching my photos that I am definitely
heading in the right direction. I have started with diploids, which I feel have the larger diversity
in color and am working to use the best  of these in converstions toward new patterened tetraploids.
Todays' site has only diploids as my tet. program is about 2 years behind.
Watch in the next couple of years for the exciting tets. to appear. Those who feel that
  the breeding of new and different daylilies has simply been all but tapped out
will be totally surprised in the next few years when they finally see the results of what
cutting-edge hybridizers are currently creating. Any response, bad or good will be
apprecated as I am interested in how others feel about my program.
 I will be certain to answer all communications.
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Information about "Natural Selection" Daylilies

Open during bloom season dawn to dusk.
Bloom season June 20 thru July 20---Peak is the week of July 4th.
Open 1st and 2nd week of July every day.
Open at other times M-F 6:00 until dark Sat. & Sunday all day.
Call ahead if possible to be certain there will be someone in the garden.
I grow patterens, bi-colors, rev. bi-colors and just plain pretty.
I do sell selected seedlings.
I am a hybridizer and an official AHS Garden Judge.
Member: Midwest  Hybridizers'  Group, American Hemerocallis Society.
Other hobbies include Breeding and Showing Baldhead Roller Pigeons.


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