Shirley Farmers’ legend…..passing the torch

Occasionally someone will cross your path who leaves an impact so distinct that even the passing of time can’t erase that very distinction.

Shirley Farmer was one of these people. Her love of people and daylilies, as simple as that might sound, has left an impression not only in our hearts but in our very acting out as dignified persons.

Shirley left us all too soon in our eyes, but at the exact right time in the eyes of her savior. Her work will live on because not only was it important, gifted and dignified, but it was good and good will always prevail.

We want everyone who knew Shirley to understand that not only will she be forever honored in those of us who knew her and counted her as friend, but also in the organization that continues to bear her name, the Shirley Farmer Midwest Hybridizers Group.

So to that end we wanted to announce to all that her program continues on, for there is a little of this wonderful women's spirit in all of us.

Shirley, we loved you and we will do our very best to continue in the manner you so adequately and completely set out for us…..Thank you so much.