The Midwest Hybridizers group wish to Thank You for taking your time to access our new web-site.
     The idea behind it came from two main pools of thought. One, we wanted to make it easy for anyone outside our territory to visit us. Two, we feel that many of our local hybridizers have begun to accomplish great things in their breeding programs and therefore have much to offer to the Daylily World in the area of New, Exciting and Northern Hardy Daylilies...
     The “Northern Mecca” site is therefore a tool designed to assist you in finding hybridizers that grow what you seek and provides easy access to them in the form of phone numbers, addresses, emails, hours of operation, directions and other details to provide you with adequate information which should make your contacts or actual visits as simple as possible.
     The “hub” of The Midwest Hybridizers centers in and around the Dayton, Ohio area.

2021 Northern Mecca


This page and the images and links upon it (and the images upon them) may not be reproduced without the express permission of The Northern Mecca.

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